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Hawaii Administrative Rules Title 8 
Board Of Education > HAR Title 8

Hawaii Administrative Rules

1         Rules of General Applicability

2         Proceedings Before the Board

3         Rules Applicable to Rulemaking Proceedings

4         Special Proceedings

5         Public Access to Information

6         Confidentiality of Personal Records

7         Public School Personnel: Criminal History Record, Employment History, and Background Checks

12       Compulsory Attendance Exceptions

13       Geographical Exceptions

19       Student Misconduct, Discipline, School Searches and Seizures, Reporting Offenses, Police Interviews and Arrests, and Restitution for Vandalism

27       Transportation of Students

28       Transportation Safety

30       Public Summer School Tuitions

31       Tobacco Free School System

32       Collection of Authorized Fees and Charges

33       Adult Education Fees

34       Protection of Educational Rights and Privacy of Students and Parents

37       School Lunch Program

38       Consolidation of Public Schools

39       Use of School Buildings, Facilities, and Grounds

40       Use of Kitchen and Food Preparation Equipment

41       Civil Rights Policy and Complaint Procedure

45       Community Sponsored Activities

46       Community Fund-Raising Drives Among Students

49       Politics and the School Program

50       Personal Property on School Premises

51       Provision of Appropriate Educational Programs and Opportunities for Exceptional Children Who are Gifted and Talented

52       Educational Officer Classification/Compensation Appeal System

53       REPEALED - Provision of a Free Appropriate Public Education for Students with Disability Under Section 504, Subpart D

56       REPEALED - Provision of a Free Appropriate Public Education for a Student with a Disability

57       Restitution for Damaged and Lost Books, Equipment, Supplies, and Outstanding Financial Obligations

60       Provision of a Free Appropriate Public Education for a Student with a Disability

61       Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability in Programs or Activities Receiving Federal Financial Assistance 

62       Merit Appeals Board

63       Civil Service Rules

65       Alternative Routes to Certification

66       Part-time Temporary Employees

101     Licensing of Private Trade, Vocational or Technical Schools

200.1  REPEALED General Procedures for Library Services and the Use and Loan of Library Material

200.2  REPEALED Loan of Print Material

200.3  REPEALED Use and Loan of Audiovisual Equipment, Audiovisual Software, Microcomputer Equipment, Microcomputer Software, and Non-Print Material

200.4  Definitions

200.5  General Policies Governing Library Services

200.6  Library Card

200.7  Loan of Circulating Library Material

200.8  Circulation Fines, Fees, and Charges

201.1  Management and Use of Public Library Facilities

201.2  Selection and Acquisition of Library Material

205     Civil Rights Complaint Process

206.1  Library Services

206.2  Library Enhanced Services

207     Library Programs

209     Donations to Public Libraries

210.1  REPEALED Administrative Practice and Procedure

210.2  Administrative Review Process

400     After-School Plus (A+) Program

500     REPEALED Hawaii Public Charter Schools Probation and Revocation Procedures

510     Charter Schools Appeals